We own so much stuff yet we keep buying !

I decided to stop buying things I didn't need some years ago , after a life changing event, stuff became meaningless, it took up too much of my time sorting it out , it wasn't bringing me happiness  and the gratification of buying things that put me into debt, had long worn off.

I'd picked up from a young age that buying stuff was what you did on a day out, clothes and shoes shopping trips stick in my mind, particularly . Thanks 1980's! Buying stuff was a buzz and I was hooked from a kid.  By the time I was in my mid 20's I was in debt with more stuff than I could house and working all the time to pay off credit cards. Nuts!

I thought about getting rid of things long before I started it, but it didn't seem right, we hold onto things , just in case, right? How could I give away all things that I'd bought, the things I'd spent so much time, energy and money on. The boxes and bin bags of things that i'd moved countless times to different houses. I often thought that living with less would be so much easier, but I was attached to my clutter, its was part of my identity, wasn't it? I also thought that minimalism was for people in penthouses.

Eventually I decided I had nothing to lose and everything to gain and went for it. In 2014 I started to minimise, by the middle of 2018 I felt as if I was really getting somewhere. It has taken me a while, it hasn't been easy to let go at times,  but the positive benefits have been enormous. It would have happened a lot quicker if I had someone to guide me through my lifestyle change.

I now live with a lot less . I'm greener. I'm not in debt. I'm happier. I have more gratitude.

I haven't finished yet though, I have big plans in small spaces, lined up for the future. I've done the hardest part. Selling items and giving things away is easier now. Most decision making is instant and now I'm constantly looking at what to repurpose or dispose of next ,rather than thinking I need more stuff to buy to make my life work.

Chances are if you're reading this, you are already thinking about getting more organised. If any of the reasons why I have chosen to live with less, outlined above, have struck a chord with you but you don't know where to start, you are definitely in the right place.