Your decluttering experience starts when you press send, drop me a line, no obligation. I know how difficult this process can be, but trust me , if you are thinking about it, you should do it! I can guide you and suggest a process to get you organised and closer to your goals.

Every session is different and every client has different requirements. I will work out a Plan Of Action ( POA ) before I arrive. This  can normally be done after I have information from you given on the phone, however if you would prefer to meet and show me the space, that can also be arranged.

If you have limited time and have one particular place you would like to start eg: Wardrobe. I would suggest a phone consultation. I may ask you send a couple of images. This can also work if you have particular room in mind and home business premises.

Bigger jobs : Room repurposing or total declutter and organisation can be more complicated. I would recommend a face to face consultation. We can then work on a POA together, to fit your timeline and budget.

Before After Shelves Tidy

Let's have a chat

After initial contact a time can be arranged for a free 20 minute phone consultation. We will discuss :

What you need

When and why

What is achievable in that timeframe 

Cost estimation

Any other questions you may have

Book an appointment

This can be done during phone call or you can let me know after you have had a think about it. You can make an appointment by :



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Your first appointment

I will come to you and we can discuss your POA :

Confirm  POA

Start organising and decluttering

Make sure your space tidy and useable

Book next session if applicable


Decluttering and organising a space can be overwhelming at times. It's easier to put off because you simply don't know where to start. However I can teach you a process that I swear by. Organising your life is so much easier when you have less clutter and you've already got the basics in place. However although I'm more organised now there is always of room for improvement., but I tend to go with this process every few weeks >>

I won't make you throw anything out, but I will ask why you want to keep and value its bringing you. The decision is yours, I'm merely that voice of reason. Sometimes having someone there can often help with quicker decision making.