Now I happily live with a lot less stuff, I try to only buy things I need and all purchases are measured by their quality rather than quantity. I no longer hit the sales and buy 'bargains'.  Just by not buying into fast fashion anymore I have reduced my carbon footprint enormously.  I'm greener as I repurpose items and check all green and ethical credentials on new purchases. I changed the products I used in the bathroom and kitchen to reduce the amount of plastic.  I also have attempted to go Zero Waste, which is more challenging than you might think, but its a great place to aim for. I have developed ways to reduce waste and recycle items that would otherwise end up in landfill or incinerator.


My out-goings have reduced significantly and I'm no longer in debt and  I create less waste and pollutants . I didn't set out to be green and to save money, it happened naturally. People think that going greener is more expensive, however if you make your own everyday household items, costs drop dramatically as well as not using as much plastic. Other things are more pricey yes, but they are generally better quality and will last a lot longer and in the long run be far better for the earth, its resources and will cost you less.

I'm more than happy to share my tips on money saving and alternative green options.


Have a look at the greener side of life...

My Eco Policy...


I ride my bike or get public transport to sessions


All gloves, shoe covers and overalls are washable and reuseable


Any plastics I use are recycled or biodegradable.  I try to reuse or repurpose boxes and storage whenever possible. I'm also 95% paper free


I don't use chemicals for anything. All products are 100% natural and homemade