Hello LM here, thanks for dropping in. I am a Professional Organiser and Declutterer. I’m experienced in organising projects, businesses, spaces, people and homes.

I have a background in Freelance Production, Wardrobe and Catering, in several sectors... music, conventions, festivals and other live events. I had a 10 year career in the photography industry, that gave me skills in logistics, office, team and company management, as well as organising national and international festivals, seminars and charity events, people’s time, space and portfolios.

I am a former shopaholic and all though I’ve always been organised, tackling clutter always posed an issue for me. 4 years ago I decided to get rid of all the things that no longer brought any value to my life, looked at the psychology of meaningless consumerism and completely changed my lifestyle. I have never looked back!

So much so I decided to build a new career out of it.

Image : John McQueen


Finding things you need, when you need them

Get your space to work for you

Spending less time maintaining mess

Less stuff, less stress, less cleaning

Reviving tired spaces

Creating more usable space and clever storage solutions

Saving money and the planet

By buying less and repurposing more

What Clients Say...

Lorna and I have been working together on a long term organising project ; my warehouse and will be for sometime to come, as it's constantly getting added to from house clearances. However she snuck in the early January and organised my office. Great start to the new year, thanks LM.

- R.Aske, Birmingham